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Size: 60g l Made in Korea


Nutriplan Moistrue Nutritious Soup for Dogs Pollack Flavor

Size: 60g l Made in Korea

The Nutriplan Moistrue Nutritious Soup is a nourishing diet for our dogs. It contains Dongwon Chunjiin red ginseng concentrate. Nutritious dried pollack soup helps in improving immune system, joint and digestive health. Moistrue is the balance of body water is crucial in protecting the bodily function and health of the dogs. In order to achieve this nutritional goal, Dongwon strictly selected the ingredients and handmade this tasteful nutritious soup.

The product contains Dried pollack is low in fat but rich in quality protein, phosphorus, iron, Vitamin A, B2, B6, and E. It is a low calorie diet food that contains a large amount of essential amino acid, methionine. It also contains glucosamine that aids joint health, inulin that supports improvement on digestive system and bowel movement, and dried pollack and vitamin that helps immune health.

Composition: Crude protein over 2.0%, Crude fat over 0.7%, Crude ash less than 0.7%, Crude fiber less than 0.25%, Calcium over 0.02%, Phosphorus over 0.03%, Water less than 95%.

Name of raw material used: Purified water, crab meat, shredded egg, shredded dried pollack, dried pollack concentrate,red ginseng concentrate, inulin, taurine, glucosamine hydrochloride, vitamin E, food starch modified, xanthan gum, flavoring agent.

Nutriplan Moistrue Feeding Guide

1. Can supply both moisture and nutrition if fed after walking or physical activities.

2. Could be fed to dogs in its recovery, loss of appetite, or highly active dogs.

3. Good for older adult dogs or senior dogs with weak teeth.

4. Mother dogs that are breastfeeding require lots of water, therefore it is good to feed them this product.

5. Suitable for dogs with low voluntary hydration or got frequent urinary tract problems.

Not for human consumption. Do not feed to ruminant livestock. Avoid direct sunlight/pests and store in a cool and dry place. As there is a possibility of spoilage after opening, keep it in the refrigerator or feed it as soon as possible. Be mindful when feeding, as tuna scales or bones might be present due to the nature of the product.

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